Fokker CBT F28 on DVD


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To enhance the learning experience and create an individualized learning environment, each lesson includes several program modes of instruction: type rating and type recurrency. The type rating mode presents information in a step-by-step format for the initial type rating. The Type Recurrency mode tests the student’s knowledge and allows a review of systems.

The courseware covers all aircraft systems and many associated procedures, cautions and warnings. As an integral component of ground school, the CBT courses prepare students for the full-flight simulator. A complete training program is an integrated combination of class lectures, CBT, and full-flight simulator sessions. Fokker’s CBT’s modular design and individualised learning environment allows instructors to maximise the effectiveness of ground school instruction and reduce the amount of expensive simulator training time required to transition pilots. The courses are designed for a broad variety of student audiences, ranging from recent Flight school graduates with only 250 hours, to transitioning airline pilots, to military pilots.

The F28 courses are divided into modules as shown below:
Air Conditioning -  APU 1/2 - Bleed Air - Communications -  Electrical -  Flight Controls 1/2 - Fuel -  General -  Ice & Rain Protection -  Instrumentation - Landing Gear & Brakes - Lights -  Navigation 1/2 -  Oxygen -  Power Plant 1/2/3/4